Board of Directors

Sheila Scanlan – Artistic Director/President/Treasurer

Sheila Scanlan began her dancing career in NY taking Ballet, Jazz, and Tap classes. When she moved to South Florida in 1985 she began training at the University Center of the Performing Arts. By the age of 8 she was performing in a company called South of Broadway. She attended Dillard School of the Arts. At 16 yrs old she began choreographing and her first works “Encounters” and “Wild Fire” were debuted at the Broward Center of the Performing Arts in 1994. While at Dillard she obtained scholarships to attend the New Arts Festival in Ft. Myers, The Florida Dance Festival in Tampa, and Alvin Ailey in New York. This allowed her to work with The David Parsons Company, Pilobolus, the dance directors at New World, Mia Michaels, Reginald Yates and many other formative talents in the dance world. She continued her dance career at Broward Community College for 2 years. In 2000, she took over a dance class at Parkway Middle School. This inspired her to give rebirth to Body and Soul Dance Theatre where she could continue to cultivate the arts in Broward County.

She has stage managed and choreographed performances for the Boca Raton Theater Guild, The University Center for the Performing Arts, Art Serve, and she has stage managed for Dance Now! and the Miami Gay Men’s Chorus.

In 2012 she is developed an after school dance program for the Dan Marino Foundation. This is a springboard for gaining funding for a project to debut in 2016 that brings awareness to individuals with disabilities by utilizing theater and dance to tell their story called Awareness- An Exploration in dis-ABILITY. This project is set to debut in smaller increments since it is an individual artistic endeavor for Scanlan. The second installment of this project Vision will debut on February 27, 2016 at ArtServe tickets can be purchased here Vision.


T. Brandon Hall – Vice President

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Brandon has lived up and down the East Coast, everywhere from New York City to the suburbs of South Florida. A quiet kid who observed everything, he did not find his voice until he reached high school. In high school, he received his first instruction in movement in a class that used everything from yoga and weight training to ballet and improv. Dance became a way of expressing what words could not.

Brandon has been dancing ever since. His passion is for all stylized movement that tells a story and has led him to seek instruction in a variety of styles and genres from ballet and modern to salsa and swing. He also practices yoga as a way of centering and protecting his body both physically and mentally. Brandon currently studies with the Elegant School of Modern Dance, where he focuses on ballet, jazz, and modern.


Bari Magnetta- Secretary

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Bari has been a dedicated board member for Body & Soul Dance Theatre since her reintroduction with the company in early 2013. Bari attended Dillard School of the Arts where she was immersed in visual as well as performance art on a daily basis. After graduating from Florida Atlantic University, Bari joined her best friend, Sheila Scanlan, to help her pursue her dream of bringing dance to everyone! Bari is a supporter of local artists and she enjoys bringing art and culture to everyday life. She has a husband and two boys who all love to fill the house with music, dance, and art!